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Convertri - Webinar

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Convertri will be launching on 26th July 2016 11AM EST.


Before that, have you jotted down in the calendar?




This software is going to change how you build your pages and create your funnels.


And it's not just the stuff you can see, like the freeform editor.  The guys at Convertri have put real thought into what your business needs.


Which is why they've made every page you build in Convertri load like lightning.  Slow sales pages kill conversions, and with Convertri, your pages move very fast.


That's why they've built their publishing network on the same infrastructure Walmart use to power their Black Friday sales.  It can take 2.5million page vies a second without breaking a sweat.


People have already run launches on it, so you know whatever you throw at your Convertri pages, they'll stay live.


But that's not to say the stuff you CAN see isn't also pretty cool 😉


And there's a lot of it.


Check out the feature list here - be warned, it goes on for a while.

And while you're there, make sure you sign up for the pre-launch webinar.


Full demoQ&A with the lead developer.  An even better deal.

Convertri - Pre launch

Get ready for the game changer

We all know ClickFunnels, right?  Huge bit of software that lets you get your sales funnels up and running quickly.


All great... apart from the $97/month price tag.


They get to charge that because when it comes to building funnels, they're basically the only game in town.


But in a few days, a competitor's going to appear.


It's called Convertri, and they say any funnels you build using it will actually work better than from any other builder, or even from custom code - thanks to something they call Accelerated Page Technology.


Basically, you build a page in Convertri, and it loads faster.  And faster pages mean better conversions.


Anyhow, looks interesting.  And preview material is already available for view.


Sign up here to get the details.

Convertri Review and Bonus

Why You Should Buy It?

Why Convertri Review Bonus

I bet you already seen the home page a few of the features of Convertri? Please read on as this will help you understand what is Convertri and also give you in-depth understanding on what can you do with it. Thus helping you in your growing business and level up your conversions.


Access to Convertri Now »»

Let's introduce team Convertri first...

Andy Fletcher Convertri Review

Andy Fletcher

Andy has been developing businesses for years, creating millions of dollars in revenue. He's most proud of Convertri among others.

Neil Murton Convertri Review

Neil Murton

Neil's copy has sold 8-figures' worth of product. You are in safe hands with him on board. He is your best writer on mid-ticket product.

Simon Warner Convertri Review

Simon Warner

Probably the most trusted guy to manage big launches. Simon did handled some of the biggest launches in the industry. He will help you make it happen.

With this strong Convertri team, I bet you gonna own the best product ever for your business.

What is Convertri?

Convertri is the first funnel builder designed for speed, which helps you create higher converting pages. With faster funnels, you can expect higher conversions because your visitor will stay on your page longer and hence giving you higher chance for them to convert to become customers.


You see, back in 2013, LeadPages was born. And it was the revolutionary product back then, with great idea.


And then, there was ClickFunnels. Taking the same concept as LeadPages even further. And it includes to you with basic page editor and let you create your whole funnels.


Now, here we have, Convertri in 2016.

What is so special about Convertri?

Maximum Flexibility Page Builder

Well, I'm still stuck on the "building-block" style kind of page builder as you can see from my review website here... But Convertri go even further. It offers custom-coded completely free-form editor that allows you to freely design your webpage.


With this feature alone, not only your page will look different compared to other competitors, it capture attention of the viewers and appears to be more attractive. The team go further by testing all major browsers to make sure whatever you design will look identical on any browsers.


You can design your webpage without restriction. There are no rows, no columns, no sections. Just use the simple drag and drop of mouse click and put anything you want and wherever you want. This we called "complete freedom".


Watch the short demo video here »»

Stability Win Over S3

Convertri uses Fastly, the most advanced Content Delivery Network on the planet. Fastly can cope with 2.5 million page load ever 1 second. Which means your launch will not even have any delay.


Fastly LogoIn case you don't know, Fastly power Twitter and Shopify as well. Which means they are pretty good at handling the workload. And you will automatically get Fastly as part of your Convertri account.


At the end of the day, your page will not down.

The Fastest Win

Yup, slow pages kill conversions. I think you are very familiar with this phrase.


Convertri is built to optimised for speed. With Fastly's edge-based delivery, your page will be delivered to your visitors automatically from whichever of their 400+ servers.


The intelligent-caching process will also help to keep all heavy items to be downloaded only once. The next time visit the page, it will load faster than ever. And the rest of the items that you want to change (like HTML) are kept dynamic.


Convertri does all the above automatically when you upload the page. Meaning you can expect a guaranteed 95+ score on PageInsights. Which means any page of yours will load within 3 seconds or less.

More attractive features...

Convetri Feature 1

Dozens of gorgeous templates

All the templates are created by professional designers, tailored for several niches. Basically you can utilize the templates for any pages you can think of like optin page, sales page, checkout page, and more...

Convertri Feature 2

Detailed analytics and split testing

Monitor conversion performance at a glance in systematic statistics. Fix the issue direct to the point. No guessing game here.

Convertri Feature 3

Mobile-responsive pages that works

Mobile traffic slowly dominating the market. With Convertri you can be sure your pages will look good in any devices available. No kidding.

Convertri Feature Review

Built-in countdown timer

This is essential to build scarcity. There are multiple skins and options to choose from to suit your page. No extra plugin required.

Convertri Feature Review

Instant page upload

Convertri pull-request time is less than 150ms. It means when you click "publish", you page will go live before your finger leave your mouse.

Convertri Feature Review

Separated publishing

Your published pages are separated from the mail Convertri system. Meaning your webpage remains the same until you hit "publish". Editor is independantly saved.

Convertri Feature Review

Two steps opt-in

A micro-commitments to increase your conversion rate further, by making sure opt-in visitors are genuine and targeted.

Convertri Feature Review

Multiple integrations

Basically any autoresponder or webinar that you can think of are integrated, like SendLane, Aweber, GetResponse, GoToWebinar, Stripe etc.

You've got to see this demo...

A simple demonstration video on how flexible is the page builder compared to convention page builder.

This is Beta version demonstration.

Check 00:34 until 01:24 on how you can create complex funnels.

Check 06:46 until 08:36 on how you can check your page's load time with GTMetrix.

Why do I need Convertri?

Convertri is for you if:

  • You have a product to launch, and you want to give the best experience to your visitors.
  • You want to create sales funnels, and you want to handle complex funnels with ease.
  • You want full flexibility on your webpage design, and you want your website to look the same on all kind of devices.
  • You don't like codings, and still want to make magnificent looking webpages.
  • You want your webpage to look professional, and further enhance your branding and authority in the market or niche.

How much does Convertri cost?

For launch week only, Convertri is offered with a one-time price.

Reason being Convertri have on-going costs and it must be a subcription-based product for long-term after the launch week.

Front End

Convertri Funnel Builder

Create extremely fast pages in seconds, connect pages into funnels, split test and see your stats in a glance.

$47 / month

$197 / year

$297 / $397 / $497 one time


Template Club

Convertri already loaded with set of templates, but more is always better.

Templates offered are proven to convert, which are designed by professional designers. A must get to save your time.

$37 / month


Evergreen Funnel and Rapid Video Script Training from Colin Theriot

Copy is the king. And there is no-one better to learnt it from than the online world's most notorious copywriter.

Colin runs the 18,000 person Cult of Copy facebook group that counts John Carlton and Jon Benson as members.

His training usually sells for $250 each, but ONLY in the Convertri funnel, your customers can get a 2-for-1 discount.

$250 one-time

Which means, you will be able to get Convertri with a one-in-a-life-time deal chance. And you better don't miss this opportunity. Grab it while you can with lowest price, as the price will increase throughout the launch week from $297 until $497.

I'm already excited, what's more?

Regular webinars every day throughout the launch

Every day there will be webinars for you to attend where you can see a full demo of Convertri in action.

See it and judge yourself...

Bonus exclusively for you...

Who don't like bonus?

So, in my opinion...

Well, after reading all the above information, I guess is time to see what I have to say.


I remember building my first product launch sales page using the "free" way. It was horrible, and I spend like 1 month to complete the sales page. It was time-consuming and I'm limited by the way the webpage looks. I certainly don't want that to happen again for my next product launch. I want to make a professional sales page or landing page or coming soon page, without the need to crack along the codes.

There is a better way of doing things.

So here we have Convertri, which offer all that is needed. You see, for an internet marketer, time is money as well. If there is a better way of doing things and save time, we should go for it. That way, we can do more and earn more.


Because Convertri is built with speed and full flexibility, it is a top-notch product that will continue the legend like LeadPages or ClickFunnels. Parking onto the advance CDN allows great and fast viewer-experience and we will be able to reduce bounce rate.


Multiple features like integration with autoresponder and webinar, ready-made templates, embeded analytics and split testing tool, mobile-responsive, instant page upload, built-in timer, separate publishing, two-step opt-in, etc. are all added points in order to make a funnel success. This is like a all-in-one package and is definitely worth the value.

Bye-bye complex funnels.

One last thing to note, where we didn't really meantioned above, is the ability to build a complex funnels with ease. Yes, it is simple, because Convertri allow user to create a process-flow-like funnels with just drag and drop and connect among the pages. You do not need to worry about the links management since the system already helped you to take care of that. Also, you can view the funnels in one glance.


Overall, Convertri really gave me a good impression and I would recommend as a good buy.